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Summer comes to an end.

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Tuesday was my children’s first day back at school. It was also technically the first official return date for CEDS staff. The night before was full of mixed emotions and restlessness. As a mother, I was both excited and nervous. I wanted nothing more than for my children to be excited for an amazing first day back at school but I respected the nerves and tears that presented themselves instead. As a professional, I also felt the anticipation of beginning-of-school butterflies as I once again faced a new school year. Transitions can typically be challenging for my family but this year they have proven to be exhilarating and wonderful as well.

Two days in, and we are all still adjusting to our new responsibilities, REALLY early wake-up time, and the back-to-school morning and evening routines. Despite all of us being a bit tired, there is something so grounding about being back in the swing of things. The freedom and flexibility of summer has been replaced with schedules, lists, and consistency... and it feels good!

I am reminded of how profound this transition experience is for our young CEDS students. Children thrive when they have a schedule they can count on. Knowing what comes next and what to expect helps eliminate anticipatory fear and gives them a sense of calm and control. With so few opportunities to feel in-control of their lives, the routines of school, the consistency of teacher expectations and the unconditional love they know they will get when they arrive, propels them out of bed in the morning with confidence and reassurance.

But this process takes time and we, as parents and teachers, need to be ready to create the space for them to experience the transition process in a way that feels smooth, natural and joyful.

I can’t wait to see all of them in just a few short days!

Here are some book recommendations about starting school: https://www.today.com/parents/first-day-school-books-tackle-first-day-jitters-t157919



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